BOOK ‘MEET SOME AUTHORS’ SESSION: Digital Histories: Emergent Approaches within the New Digital History, edited by Mats Fridlund, Mila Oiva & Petri Paju (Helsinki: Helsinki University Press, 2020)at: Conference Digital History in Sweden III, Uppsala, 4 December 2020.

“New Women’s Work, Women’s New Terrorisms: The Material Practices of Female Terrorists during the First Wave of Modern Terrorism”, at: Conference Women in the World of Violence: Wars, Revolutions, Terrorism and Extremism, Stockholm, 3 April 2009.

“Securitizing Revolutionary Violence”, at: CAST Inspirational WorkshopTerror of People, Terror of States: Perspectives on Security, Violence & Revolution, Copenhagen, 25 March 2009.

“Det resonabla våldet: Framtidstro, teknik och vetenskap i den terroristiska revolutionen”, at: Conference 80-tal: Kulturhistoria i ett nytt samhälle : Kulturhistoria, samhällsdebatt och civilisationskritik i 1880-talets Sverige, Lund, 28 February 2009. 

The Forms of Terror“, at: CAST opening conference, Oct 21 2008. 

Bullets, Bombs, & Broadsheets: The Materialist Origins of Modern Terrorism Brown Bag Lecture, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, Sept 16 2008.

Session “The New Effects of New Materialisms” & Panel “The Historianimation of Contemporary Technomedicoscience (NewGoogleWorldStudiesTube, 2017) “Teknik- och Vetenskapshistoriska dagar, Stockholm, April 8-10 2008.

“How we Learned to Live With the Bombs”, at: Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) 50th Anniversary NSF Workshop, Washington D.C., 18 October 2007. 

“From Fritz to Osama: The History of Chemical and Biological Weapons (CBW) Terror”at: BiOSA Evening on Bioterror, Copenhagen, 7 December2006.

“The Tools of Terror: Towards a History of Technology of Terrorism from the Guillotine to the Camcorder”at: 2006 Annual Meeting for the Society of the History of Technology (SHOT), Las Vegas, Nevada, 13 October 2006.

“Om att gå emot strömmen: Motståndskraft mot utvecklingskraft under den tredje industriella revolutionen”, at: 2006 Dansk Teknologihistorisk Selskabs Årsmøde: Stora Teknologiska Systemer, Copenhagen, 8 September 2006.

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